Construct 2 R206

Construct 2 R206Разработчик: Scirra
Версия: R206
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется wink
Construct 2 — это новый мощный игровой HTML5 конструктор для создания 2D игр. Он позволяет любому желающему делать свои собственные игры без программирования и скриптов!
Идеален для новичков и достаточно мощный для профессионалов — позволяет создавать игры в разы быстрее, чем при программировании!

Release notes R206 version:

Stable update r206 adds new features, fixes bugs and improves performance, covering a total of 52 changes. Notable changes include:
The Scirra Arcade is back! This is the first stable release with support for exporting to the new Scirra Arcade. The Arcade is still in beta, but should be working well already and we hope to keep improving it.
There is a new Local Storage plugin to replace the older WebStorage. More details about what’s new are in the r202 release notes.
The Multiplayer object has been updated to be compatible with the latest versions of Firefox.
There have been several bug fixes to the Audio object and asm.js physics.
Construct 2 games in Chrome for Android can now show web app install banners if served over HTTPS. For more information see the r201 release notes.
Breaking change: the operator precedence between power (^) and unary minus (as in -x) has been changed to be consistent with the BODMAS order of operations. For more information see the r202 release notes.

For full details of the changes in this stable release see the intervening release notes:

r201 (8 changes): support for web app install banners; bug fixes
r202 (15 changes): new Local Storage plugin; bug fixes; WebGL performance tweak
r203 (8 changes): Local Storage improvements; bug fixes
r204 (4 changes) and r204.2 (3 changes): support for the new Scirra Arcade; bug fixes; performance improvements
r205 (12 changes) and r205.2 (2 changes): new rendererDetail system expression; ‘Set layer force own texture’ action; more bug fixes

Раздел: Движки и конструкторы.

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