GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1598 Master Collection

GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1598 Master CollectionРазработчик: YoYo Games
Версия: v1.4.1598 Master Collection
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется wink
GameMaker: Studio — популярный профессиональный набор инструментов для создания десктопных и мобильных мультиплатформенных игр. Благодаря удобному интуитивно-понятному интерфейсу программы разработчики игр могут разрабатывать свои творения более быстро и эффективно.
Основные возможности GameMaker: Studio:
— Кроссоплатформенность. Без особых трудностей можно создавать игры для Windows, Android, Linux, Mac.
— Удобное рабочее окно программы, где нет ничего лишнего.
— Возможность создания небольших двухмерных игр за считанные часы.
— Готовые приложения можно интегрировать со Steam.
— К приложению можно подключать готовые шаблоны, пошагово менять пути, объекты, звуки, фоны, скрипты и делать из этого всего интересные и необычные игры.
— GameMaker классно подойдет для разработки игр и приложений на мобильных платформах.
— Модульность, дорабатываемость и расширяемость. Возможности воистину безграничны!

Changes (since 1.4.1567):

YoYo Account
Recover your GM license information by logging-in to an account tied to your license key (optional)
Also means Steam users can use their license details with standalone installs
Logs in to both Marketplace and Player using the one login process
See these FAQs for more info
You will now be prompted to repair missing module downloads if GM detects missing module folders
You will be given the option to relicense and restart Studio, but run/create buttons for that module will be disabled if you say «later»
This covers SVN tools and other tools provided with Pro module also, so if you get warnings we would advise always fixing asap!
Several fixes/changes to project saving states — when things have changed, etc. Please DO backup!
The IDE is now able to address up to 4GB of RAM on Windows 64bit
«Backup on save» fix
Fix for «invalid file name %s» errors (typically seen when licensing Studio or exporting a .gmz)
GGS > Extras tab licensing fix
Removed unwanted check for «duplicate» macros
Reduced memory usage and redrawing of backgrounds/tiles in the path editor
Undo in code editors made more accurate
Esc will always close the code completion popup if it’s open (ignoring any key binding you might have)
Tabbed scripts again properly set that the project has changed if you delete them
Closing a script form while updating a tab’s name won’t rename the «base» script now
Web server will now perform a name lookup if it detects something other than a valid IP4 address is entered
Startup fix for Steam users on Windows XP
Shutdown fix for crashes seen by some users
Fix for potential licensing issue if your username/temp directory path contains non-ANSI characters
Fix for crash on trying to import a GMK file
Fix for «index out of bounds» error when auto-updating Marketplace assets on start-up
GGS > iOS splash screens now allow portrait dimension images
Fixed issue where removing a shader didn’t reduce the counter before running the game, leading to issues on some Android devices
Image editor now has a better RAM limit for its undo queue, should prevent «Out of Memory» errors
Fix for some keypress input going to the debugger rather than the game
Snippets now live in %localappdata% install folder and will survive Studio updates
Macros form will now error during a build if missing values/names detected and ask you to fix
Spine sprites now always import with origin at centre and can’t have origin changed on the sprite properties form
Spine sprites now draw a much better preview in the sprite properties dialogue
Fix for opening an external image editor on resource tree right-click context menu
Fix to catch and block passing an empty sprite to an external image editor
Shaders now check for duplicated names, the same as other resources
Dropping shader files onto the IDE will now correctly add them to Shaders rather than Included Files
«Open in Explorer» on shader files will now highlight the correct file
Added preference to open an external sound player — if empty, the internal one is still used (it’s empty by default)
Added preference to hide the resource tree filtering controls
Added preference to always filter the resource tree to the currently-selected resource, rather than having to type it in the search box
Added preference to say how long you’d like code preview tooltips to remain visible
Resource Tree subfolders will no longer collapse when hovering over
Resource Tree will scroll up/down when item is dragged beyond the top or the bottom of the panel
Can now drag sprites/objects from the resource tree to the relevant field in an object’s properties window to set its sprite, mask, parent, or children
Font/Sprite/Background properties texture group drop-downs are now sorted by name, also allows you to start typing in the box to find the group
Search in Scripts can now be launched to find a selected word/function by holding Shift+MMB or Shift+F12
Search in Scripts can now include DND actions and macros in the search
Search in Scripts now also highlights obsolete trigger events and also unknown events
Search in Scripts can now include room and instance creation code, can open from the results window
Can now middle-click an Execute Script action to edit the currently assigned script, «Edit» button added to action form also
Fix for being able to open the same code action twice from seperate objects
«Home folder»
Added a new Preference for setting your «favourite»/»home» directory where you want projects to be created
Added home button to File > New/Import/Demos/Tutorials and if you click this the Project Directory field will be set to your Home preference
Legacy Extensions
Old UI for installing extensions and adding them as active for your project, etc., is now all gone
Note that for quite a while you’ve been able to drag-and-drop the .gex or right-click and add it to Extensions, same as a .gmez
This is the system to use going forward
Room Editor
Each room has its own seperated instance order form now, stops contamination
An instance/tile’s X/Y values are now editable fields in the properties area in the toolstrip on the left
We’ve also repositioned these values and made the preview box a bit larger
Arrow keys can now be used to fine-tune moving instances — moves 1 pixel for just the arrow key, 5 pixels if also holding ctrl or 10 if also holding shift
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key will shift the instance to the next grid snap position
You can now have multiple instance code creation windows open at once
1×1 pixel objects won’t lock the room editor anymore
Instance Order form
Fixed finding next/previous would wrongly trigger multiselection
Added ability to open instance creation code by double-clicking instance in the list
Added configurable shortcut to set focus on Search box (default: Ctrl+F, definable in Key Bindings)
Added ability to use Return on Search box to find next and Shift+Return to find previous
Image Editor
Added Arrow Keys support for moving selected areas around — Note: you have to click your selected area first to enable keyboard control
Return will now «confirm» most actions — e.g., to start a new section when using shape and line tools
«Crop» function on the menu is now renamed to a more accurate «Trim»
Can now use Shift + Left Click to edit custom palette if you don’t have a middle mouse button
Image Editor now has a menu option to toggle to editing the scratch pad
Help > «Required SDKs»
New menu option which links to a FAQ where we will now list all the required/recommended SDKs each branch supports
Please check this FAQ before updating an external SDK or tool! (Spine, Xcode, and Android NDKs being ones we often get tickets about)
Added Resource Referencing System
Objects, Scripts and Timelines now set references to each other when linked (parent/child objects or an object calls a script/timeline)
Stops issues with renamed objects becoming orphaned parents or children
«Check Resources» added to resource tree item’s right-click context menu, will show linked resources for this item
Extra warnings shown when deleting a resource referenced by another
GMZ Export Changes
If you’ve not changed config files from the defaults we supply these won’t be added into a gmz (saving you filesize)
NOTE: right now we’d recommend you double-check your gmzs — any problems, submit zip of the project and the gmz to the Helpdesk
Source Control
Automatic save on resource creation has been stopped if you’re using source control — either commit or save manually!
Fixed an issue with creating a new project in an existing repository wouldn’t check out the project properly
Sped up refreshing SCM status
All commands now run with non-interactive flag to stop any aborting and asking for permission
Added a «pending» system to catch when you haven’t added files before a commit
Added ability to catch conflicts in non-visible project files (i.e., sprite images)
Updated CommitLog to parse from a status update, rather than globbing every file it finds
Fixed issues where performing an SCM update could cause the IDE to fail due to the nodes having been recreated, yet the SCM system remembers the old nodes
Fixed issue when a commit goes wrong and GM loops trying to commit as the file has changed
Fixed issue where it was possible to add conflicted files
Fixed issue where revert all while in a conflicted state wouldn’t undo the conflict flag
Fixed issue where icons would wrongly be assigned Unversioned when they’re conflicted/resolved
Fixed replace icon issue — should use the added icon, rather than deleted
Fixed status form not refreshing properly and also making its window flash
Added ability to revert revisions through SCM_History
Fix for importing git/Mercurial projects to a repo — NOTE: your Preferences — Source Control username and password must be correct!
New SWF System
Changed to a new custom SWF handling system — test thoroughly if you’re using SWF, and please report any issues!
Optimisations for better performance in-game
Spine updated to support 2.1.08 (Github repo)
Fixed an issue with basic bone flipping for the bone at the end of the skeleton — please note the remaining bone flipping issue is in Spine itself
Fix various issues with JS platforms
Meshes now work on HTML5
MeshAttachments are now calculated as part of the skeleton’s bounding box
Steamworks SDK v1.33a
Support the recent 1.33a version of the SDK — you will need to have this installed also!
Expanded the async events for Steam UGC events to return more info
Fixed an issue with whitelisting of content
GGS options for showing your splash screen is now enabled again if you’re a Pro user
NOTE: it’s only useful for very large games with long load times, as it doesn’t stall the game
Ubuntu YYC added as a new platform — please test well!
New .deb Debian-type package format available in Create Exe drop-down
Gamepad support restored for Mac for non-AppStore builds only
NOTE: this means that GGS > Mac OSX > AppStore > «Build for Mac AppStore» needs to be OFF to get any pad support
Added directory_destroy functionality
Added window_get_visible_rects functionality
Fixed window sizing\positioning with multiple monitor setups
Fixed mouse wheel events
Existing game instances now shut down when a new build is sent to the Mac
YYC builds no longer require code signing identity when not building for AppStore
NDK support updated to 10d. 10c and lower are now not supported, as 10d made breaking changes.
NOTE: you must install 10d and set it to be used in File > Preferences > Android
SDK support updated for the new build tools v22.0.1
NOTE: in order to do this, Moga pad support has been disabled until the next EA
Maximum number of detected device IDs supported by the gamepad library increased to stop game crashes
Several in-built events for touches and motion can now be used by extensions
Builds are now aborted if there is an asset compiler error, like on other platforms
Support for portrait splash screens (alongside existing landscape support)
Redesign of the GGS splash screen page to support this
Fix for iOS 64bit Extensions crash which could occur on start-up or when resuming focus to the app
Fix for unzipping multiple archives as part of a single extension
Support for portrait splash screens (alongside existing landscape support)
Redesign of the GGS splash screen page to support this
New checkbox in Graphics GGS page to support halving textures on iPad 1 devices
Fix for very low volume levels on iOS 8.3 devices in recent EAs
Application Oven
Cleaned out redundant functionality from the UI (you never need to open the app oven anyway!)
Fixed invalid data being returned in GGS alongside your certs/profiles
Demos/Tutorials — Ad Provider Extensions
All ad provider demos have been updated to work with iOS 8 and 64bit builds, but you will need this release to use them
Same for the two analytics providers
Please note that many other demos/tutorials are updated also and many will have different names (no spaces), so will need downloading again
Misc In-Game
Restarting the game via DND/GML now wipes more object values, making the restart more like a fresh run
Fixes for 7.1 audio output on platforms which support it
Expanded Microphone Support — Win 8 N, WP8, iOS, Android
Windows games will now handle the mouse leaving/returning to the game window better
HTML5 now supports the + and — keys next to backspace (already supported the numpad ones)
HTML5 games in iFrames now catch arrow keys and spacebar fully, so don’t scroll the main page
Fix for Android audio not restoring correctly after a loss in focus
Fix for invalid key data in some IAP purchase/product info maps
Fixes for game crash when a font can’t see its texture page
Fixes for comparisons against undefined values
Several memory leaks plugged — test well if you’re using particles!
gml_pragma() added for passing optimisation commands to the asset compiler
network_create_socket_ext() added on winsock platforms
os_get_info() extended to return information about GPU specs (Windows/Mac/Ubuntu)
asset_get_index() fixed to work with shaders also
draw_text_ext() now always wraps at specified width, not at next whitespace after specified width
Developer debug dialogues show_question(), get_integet() and get_string() will resize to fit text
vertex_format_delete() added
buffer_set_surface() added for Windows and PS4 only
sprite_get_uvs() extended to also return crop offset and scale values
steam_current_game_language() added
steam_available_languages() added
string_width() and string_height() now verify you passed them a string, throw code error if you passed wrong thing
network_send_broadcast() now needs to have UDP client socket created with network_create_socket_ext() in order to receive any broadcasts (see manual)
Fix for place_meeting() and the collision events to bring them into line with each other after previous place_meeting() fix in 1.4.1567
math_get_epsilon() added
string_ord_at() added
Fixes for path_start()
Fix for surface_copy() returning the surface «upside-down» on OpenGL platforms
Fix for iap_product_details() usually resulting in a crash if you then used the map it had made
Fix for asset_get_index() to make it always return -1 when the asset searched-for doesn’t exist (as per the manual)

Bugs Fixed (since EA420 — there are a LOT fixed since 1.4.1567! (Read all the way down to EA402’s)):

0017366 UI: Crashes when playing mp3
0017110 Suggestion: UI: Name extension’ macros «macros»
0016709 UI: Access violation with address 00000000 when using more than one IDE
0017613 Suggestion: UI: drag sprite from resource tree onto object editor to set object’s sprite
0017609 General: «Invalid file name %s» when exporting .gmz or licensing Studio (possibly other places)
0015556 Suggestion: Allow ‘Search in Scripts’ option to include ‘Drag and Drop’ actions in the search
0011564 Incorrect error when running an imported GM8.1 file with triggers
0017109 Compiler: Extension macros with a value of itself causes compiler to crash
0012695 Saving: triggers are still saved in new projects
0017513 Windows (YYC): script_execute() behaves different with YYC [by retuning the script index, not 0]
0017525 YYC crashes when quickly executing animation script
0017490 Win(YYC): «modulo equals»-operator returns different results on YYC and VM
0017688 Functions: ds_map_secure_save crash
0015631 Debugger: bugged source tab scrollbars
0017649 Pressing Cancel when exiting Room Editor will hide all instances in the room
0017701 Sound does not loop if sound is not marked as Compressed — Streamed in HTML5
0017600 Reverse the OK|Cancel button order in the Macros dialog
0017700 Debugger should add to log file rather than overwrite
0017643 Script tabs skinning issue with the bottom bar
0017723 Debugger crashes when trying to ‘watch’ a variable in an object
0015444 Debugger: New Debugger — window does not save its size
0017725 Room Editor: new keyboard nudge controls not working as expected
0017615 «Open in Editor» for Extension gml files will actually parse the gml file #defines and not load ALL scripts in it
0017639 UI: Editor should highlight the hidden extension macros when fully typed
0017748 When tree is filtered, Duplicate script duplicates the wrong script
0017732 Nudging objects in the Room Editor using the new arrow key shortcuts makes them invisible when outside the room
0017580 «Script Errors» dialog pops up on start for a brief moment
0017648 Source Control: Update and Update All have no effect
0017773 General: Unhandled Exception — List index out of bounds (42)
0013538 Changing certain sprite properties in the editor resets the origin
0017693 Paths: path_start() positioning error
0017792 path_start no longer respects the relative flag
0017717 General: TraceIDE.log doesn’t show the right minor version
0016893 Empty menu item under Edit if no resource is highlighted
0014141 Suggestion: UI: «Clear display buffer with window colour» not a view option [so move it]
0012547 Scripts: Any script can’t have the name of any obsolete function
0017801 Incorrect tooltip text for the option to clear display buffer in the room editor
0017803 GGS: BLUETOOTH permissions are affected by «Bluetooth gamepad support»
0017685 UI: Unintuitive behaviour when dragging and dropping objects
0016728 The text «Source Control» isn’t correctly formatted in the «New» window
0017622 User Interface: Texture page preview for HTML5 is broken
0017617 Double click on a GML file used in an Extension should load it in the Code Editor instead of opening Properties
0017788 Scripts: Add Existing Script with tabbed scripts adds each tab as a new script
0009975 Web Server: Micro web server needs to remember last window x,y
0011160 Sprites: Automatic Collision Masks don’t match File Contents
0017601 Add existing (…) does not correctly import resources anymore
0016031 UI: In the IDE, lose the warning dialog and open OGG files using default multimedia player, not editor
0017672 UI: GM8 skin code editor scroll bar bug
0016490 UI: d3d_transform_vertex() doesn’t show argument tips
0016747 UI: «Line changed color» is set to «selected line number»
0015886 General: ‘Clear cache’ function key can still be used during compile
0013529 UI: message_caption() still in autocomplete but is obsolete
0017483 UI: Autocomplete does not list extra ev_draw_* and ev_gui_* macros
0004999 Suggestion: UI: Add a link in Help to the directory where the open project’s files are saved at by default
0017769 Non-blocking sockets fail to establish a connection on Android
0017775 network_create_socket_ext doesn’t bind to a port on Android
0016834 Suggestion: Image Editor: Should have a View option to toggle the scratch page
0017429 UI: make custom color palette accessible [on devices] without MMB
0017527 Runner.exe has a copyright of 2014 still
0017447 audio_destroy_sync_group is not added to auto complete
0014493 Welcome screen Licenses tab, wrong scroll offset
0014173 General: Print-out from Code Editor too light to read
0018012 General: Saving [when a build is in progress will cause asset compiler error and can lock Studio]
0018031 Closing a Room Editor window will not also close its Instance Order window and result in «Invalid Class Typecast» error
0016974 Scrollbar of search results window does not work like scrollbars work [partial fix]
0012311 UI: image editor jumps with middle mouse button
0013477 UI: In the Extension Package Properties there are no scroll bars for the Manifest field
0017780 Documentation: Windows 8 upsell [tip points to wrong graphic]
0017914 When adding multiple .png’s for one sprite, message «image sizes are not equal» pops up even though they are
0017336 Image Editor: Importing doesn’t find max size right
0017704 UI: Included Files cannot import a file over 296 MB
0017462 Sometimes, included files dragged onto IDE are not added in datafiles subfolder
0018079 Adding Renaming Deleting Texture Pages Can Corrupt File
0013710 Objects: Adding multiple existing objects results in broken parent relationships
0017181 UI: «Unknown Action» when dragging action between objects
0017293 Suggestion: UI: Middle-click search augmentation
0015059 Suggestion: UI: global search to search through constants
0015882 Suggestion: UI: Option to toggle resource list filter panel [hidden or not]
0017644 Variables: `array != undefined` throws «illegal array use»
0015114 Suggestion: Scripts: string_ord_at()
0015729 Functions: Drawing surfaces and using view_angle has some rounding errors
0018164 UI: The following resources reference a missing resource named «other»
0018165 UI: Removing a particular event causes access violations upon trying to close the object editing window
0018166 UI: Object Information displays no events
0018062 UI: Pressing Right Alt key (Alt Gr) while a window has focus will throw an Access Violation
0017776 SVN: Global Game Settings gets stuck on screen when trying to Import Project to Repository
0017137 Windows Phone 8: Touch detection problem with Virtual keys [on latest Lumia devices]
0015355 «0.5 is not a valid floating point value» when OKing object
0015360 Image Editor: Two different tooltips given on onion skin value scaling bar
0011183 Windows: Game will write playerachievementcache.dat even if not needed
0018134 Spine animations causing html5 game to crash
0017193 Code Tooltip Preview Too Short
0018270 Functions: surface_copy() returns an «upside-down» surface on OpenGL platforms
0005492 Suggestion: UI: Middle-click an Execute Script action to edit the currently assigned script
0017722 buffer_set_surface still doesn’t work in new EA version
0017687 Audio: Audio Sync Group Gain Delay
0018277 Mac: Space’s don’t [render] in [arial] font
0018300 Audio: Volume low on iPhone 6 using iOS 8.3
0018326 Rooms: Object parents wrong between projects [partial fix]
0018328 Objects: Opening the same event from different objects causing code actions loss of data
0018329 UI: Android preferences typo [with the word «submiting»]
0009414 UI: «Show Built-in Variables» says «local:» instead of «instance:»
0010009 Functions: device_ios_* functions obsolete and should be removed
0018369 Marketplace: Asset Name sorting inconsistencies
0018228 Export: Create Application [for certain Windows types] does not apply the game icon any more

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