GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1629 Master Collection

GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1629 Master CollectionРазработчик: YoYo Games
Версия: v1.4.1629 Master Collection
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется wink
GameMaker: Studio — популярный профессиональный набор инструментов для создания десктопных и мобильных мультиплатформенных игр. Благодаря удобному интуитивно-понятному интерфейсу программы разработчики игр могут разрабатывать свои творения более быстро и эффективно.
Основные возможности GameMaker: Studio:
— Кроссоплатформенность. Без особых трудностей можно создавать игры для Windows, Android, Linux, Mac.
— Удобное рабочее окно программы, где нет ничего лишнего.
— Возможность создания небольших двухмерных игр за считанные часы.
— Готовые приложения можно интегрировать со Steam.
— К приложению можно подключать готовые шаблоны, пошагово менять пути, объекты, звуки, фоны, скрипты и делать из этого всего интересные и необычные игры.
— GameMaker классно подойдет для разработки игр и приложений на мобильных платформах.
— Модульность, дорабатываемость и расширяемость. Возможности воистину безграничны!

Changes (since 1.4.1598):

Fixes to resource name scoping showing matches because not whole-word-only
Fix for GGS window failing to open/load after deleting a texture page
Fix for GGS saving the per-platform build version number correctly
Fix for projects throwing unneccessary «resource missing» errors on load, also saving on first run even if no changes
Fixes for redo (after undo) action after moving the cursor and when undoing a group of actions at once (whole word, etc.)
Fixes for aborting builds properly/fully when hitting the red stop button
Fixes for importing .gmez extensions adding unwanted files to project since the legacy extension UI was removed
Fix for importing .gex extensions copying wrong files to project if other extensions installed in legacy folder
Fix for access violation seen by some users when shutting down Studio
Fix to import your new Marketplace package when you update it, rather than keep using the old version
Code auto-complete pop-up window now has a minimum height to stop potential scrollbar errors
Importing a .gml with multiple scripts inside will now ask if you want to import as one tabbed or individual tree entries
Macros won’t appear in autocomplete anymore when editing a shader
Fix for clicking on code errors pointing to room creation code/alarms/collision events not opening relevant code
Fix for projects which are tutorials not opening the tutorial panel if you double-click the .gmx in Windows Explorer
Fix for Marketplace assets check when signing-in automatically on start-up of Studio, stops list out-of-bounds errors
DND «Score Set Caption» has been removed — you are still told to remove the unknown action when loading a project which used it
Fix for access violation some users saw when shutting down Studio
Fix for Create Exe on iOS not showing matching files
Checks for incorrect number of/invalid/»missing data» function arguments added into the asset compiler
NOTE: this may result in seeing compiler errors which you always needed to fix, really, but were previously hidden/ignored
Release notes now highlights the link to the Helpdesk FAQ for Required SDKs (as found in Help inside Studio)
Small v1598 release notes fixes to clarify a couple of reported issues
1×1 sprites are now scaled-up safely
Duplicating an enum declaration made safe, now writes a warning to the compiler window also
Tizen Native
Drop/suspend more activities when the app not in focus to lower power consumption
Misc in-game
Fixed several memory leaks — also one when playing .ogg files (not covered in bug list below)
Fixed UDP servers not recieving data because client connections were not being made correctly
Fix for some Mac OS X key presses having odd results
Removed some console output when writing files on HTML5
Max network sockets on Windows now 1024, not 64
Max texture size on Windows now 8192, not 4096. sprite_add() now adds image sizes up to max capability of the GPU

Bugs Fixed (since 1.4.1598):

0017450 Functions: get_string_async — keyboard covers window message [fix actually added]
0018380 UI: Resource scoping confuses similar names [if one is a substring of another]
0010167 Suggestion: HTML5: Provide option to disable extended [file-writing] console output
0018285 General: buffer_async_group_end() is absent in the list of autocomplete
0016758 Functions: Mac OS X: Shift + 9 key does same thing as backspace instead of adding the «(» character
0018431 GGS: Deleting a texture page then cancelling the dialogue causes the window to no longer open
0018404 Saving: Room data not properly updated [when you load an existing project that does not use any backgrounds]
0018432 Functions: Crash with sprite_add() using large images
0018402 Scripts: Redo doesn’t work if cursor moved
0018458 Networking: Max network socket fixed at 64 on Windows
0018382 Compiler: Aborting a run will attempt to launch anyway
0018448 UI: About screen not interpreting spaces in «Registered to» field
0018184 Win(YYC): Memory leak in YYC
0018433 Compiler: Int32 (Exception: Index out of bounds)
0017185 Variables: Queues and stacks still use memory after calling ds_*_destroy
0018358 draw_rectangle compiles when outline argument is omitted; code editor marks it wrong
0017291 Tizen (Native): Tizen Apps fail [submission] due to power consumption during hold mode [hopeful]
0018488 Windows (YYC): [Crash when changing room]
0018487 Compiler: Duplicated enum name will crash the compiler
0018483 Extensions: Importing extension also imports [legacy format] extension [from GameMaker-Studio\extensions] as well
0018496 Extensions: Importing .gex extension copies files from incorrect legacy extension in GameMaker-Studio\extensions instead
0018385 UI: «Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window» error [when restoring focus to GM:S] [potential fix]
0018140 User Interface: random crash when closing IDE on windows8.1 [potential fix]
0018383 Rooms: Selecting tiles [and instances in the room editor can] move them all over the place
0013752 GGS: [Game per-platform build] Version counter is not correctly saved
0018501 Saving: If you run a game directly after opening, it saves the whole project
0018408 Marketplace: [If you update an asset already installed on the system, Gamemaker still adds old version]
0018520 UI: Auto-complete scrollbar can give «Scrollbar property out of range» errors if resized
0018524 GGS: HTML5 Output debug to console should be enabled by default
0018525 GGS: HTML5 WebGL should be Auto-Detect by default
0017563 UI: Ctrl+z only undoes one character [in code/script windows]
0018523 General: Scaling of instances with 1×1 sprites is broken and leads to corrupted project files
0018526 Functions: ds_map_secure_load(fname) doesn’t work [when special characters in file path]
0018436 Suggestion: UI: A way to import a GML file as individual scripts again
0018422 Shaders: Macros appear in AutoComplete for Shaders
0018439 Tutorials: Tutorial panel fails to appear automatically in projects opened by double-clicking (again)
0018557 UI: Object Properties window flashes when using a large amount of DnD Actions
0018542 HTML5: Particles give Uncaught ReferenceError when using part_type_colour_rgb
0018544 Windows: Making > 8 simultaneous http_requests prevents headers from being sent
0013344 Functions: DND action for «Score Set Caption» [needs to be removed]
0018604 Export: Choosing to Create Exe for iOS/iOS YYC does not filter files properly, shows no matches

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