GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657 Master Collection

GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1657 Master CollectionРазработчик: YoYo Games
Версия: v1.4.1657 Master Collection
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется wink
GameMaker: Studio — самый популярный конструктор игр на данный момент. Структура движка построенна так, что подойдет одинаково хорошо как для новичков в разработке, так и для требовательных профессионалов. GameMaker: Studio имеет обширный и разноплановый набор инструментов для создания десктопных и мобильных мультиплатформенных игр. Выбирая GameMaker в качестве основного движка для вашей игры, вы можете быть уверенны в том, что вам будет предложен весь необходимый функционал для создания качественной игры, а благодаря удобному интуитивно-понятному интерфейсу программы разработчики игр могут разрабатывать свои творения более быстро и эффективно.
Основные возможности GameMaker: Studio:
— Кроссплатформенность. С легкостью можно создавать игры для Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Web (HTML5), Tizen.
— Удобное и структурированное рабочее пространство программы.
— Возможность создания небольших двухмерных игр за считанные часы.
— Возможность создавать крупные проекты за счет высокой гибкости движка.
— Разработанное можно интегрировать со Steam.
— К приложению можно подключать готовые шаблоны, пошагово менять пути, объекты, звуки, фоны, скрипты и делать из этого всего интересные и необычные игры.
— GameMaker классно подойдет для разработки игр и приложений на мобильных платформах.
— Модульность, дорабатываемость и расширяемость. Возможности воистину безграничны!
— Source Control Management (SVN) контроль версий, для корпоративной разработки или просто разработки в команде.
— Тесная интеграция с рекламным продвижением и возможность легко подключить аналитику.

Changes (since 1.4.1629):

Fix for dragging DND/multi-selecting code actions to reorder them also corrupting the contents
Fix for corruption of audio source file paths on exporting .gmz
Also, audio source files are now also saved into the project folder immediately after adding to the sound resource
Fix for script errors you were warned about on opening the project being forgotten about after saving, not stopping builds
Fix for delay adding font ranges with very large number of characters
Fix for closing rooms leading to GM doing a large amount of work if room contained tiles, could cause IDE to become unresponsive
Fix for flipped objects unflipping when repositioning inside the room editor
Fix for processing sprite and background assets too many times on project load, reduces load time
Timeline code changes trigger the save flag immediately, so changes will be built/saved correctly whilst the code window is open
Fix for undoing code changes occasionally undoing wrong line or leaving cursor in wrong location
Extra explanation text added to YoYo Account log-ins for when using the new «2-step via authenticator app» method on
Fixed Game Information to preserve .rtf formatting
Re-enabled the ability to change the origin of a Spine sprite inside the sprite properties window
Whitespace at the end of scripts now standardised
NOTE: you may see a lot of modified files next time you check in, as files are fixed. Should be one time only.
Fixes for building Windows 8 YYC builds on Windows 10 machines
Fixed issue with case-sensitive Macs when building for OS X or iOS
Fixed issue with iOS Simulator run/build if you didn’t have grep installed on your PC
Fixed issue with Windows YYC NSIS-type exe shortcuts when project name has a space in it
Misc In-Game
We have reverted the fix to floor() values passed in to place_meeting()/position_meeting(), etc. Going back to round() as per pre-1.4.1514.
Mouse Enter no longer relies on Mouse Leave to «complete» the event, so objects’ Enter events now fire properly each time
Room persistence check added when changing rooms to stop «draw event before create event» issues
Fix for Windows 8 YYC not getting correct interpolation and scaling settings from GGS
Win 8 N and Win 8 YYC now return debug info to the compiler window log the same as many other platforms do
Fix for image_index differing in JS platforms and the Animation End event then not working
Fixes for game_save() making its required files/folders correctly and writing all variables
Fix for audio_group_gain() only working on sounds which are playing or have played already — now affects all sounds in group
Fix for game_restart() incorrectly ignoring that interpolation is set to off in GGS

Bugs Fixed (since 1.4.1629):

0016548 Compiler: Possible to build a game despite code errors such as obsolete functions
0018614 Fonts: Selecting a font range which is in the ten thousands crashes GameMaker
0018672 Saving: Ability to overwrite code blocks when changing the action order
0017799 UI: Ide always hangs [and sometimes doesn’t recover] with a large project
0018695 Physics: «physics_particle_group_end» now causes compiler error for missing arguments
0018714 GGS: Steam: if you clear the field «steam ID» you can’t re-open GGS
0018685 Mac OSX (YYC): Case sensitivity issue [when building Create Exe «/XCode/Archives: No such file or directory»]
0018779 Variables: int64 cann’t use bit operation
0018740 Events: ‘mouse enter’ only triggers once if there is no ‘mouse leave’
0018786 HTML5: Animation End event not triggering
0018675 UI: Timeline code is not being updated until you close the dialog
0018684 Rooms: Access Violation when you shift click an object in the room editor
0018811 Rooms: Moving objects unflips objects in room editor
0018858 Suggestion: General: The dates for each update are not displayed in the release notes
0018862 Functions: game_save is currently not working when using an underscore
0018863 Functions: file_text_open_append() and file_text_open_read() add broken debug text into the compiler log window
0018856 Functions: ds_grid_copy, using a source grid that uses a defined width, but 0 height, doesn’t carry the width over to the copy
0018833 Audio: Audio groups set gain not holding its setting
0018719 UI: Cursor doesn’t respect the behaviour chosen [in the code editor when undoing grouped changes]
0015924 General: Unexpected Behaviour when using collision_point/position_meeting on precise/imprecise collision masks [reopened]
0018892 Rooms: Using mouse wheel on the drop down menu for tile layer moves the drop down menu
0017821 Functions: game_restart() enables interpolation [overriding the GGS setting]
0018905 Compiler: [Asset compiler error because boundary of custom sprite mask exceeds boundaries of bounding box]
0017724 Windows (YYC): [NSIS installer] Desktop shortcut [and installer launch path] wrong when spaces in project name
0018899 Account: Two-step authentication: Re-send email button [redundant] when using authentication app
0018913 UI: «Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window» error prompt when restoring focus to GM:S’s file loading progress bar
0017277 Source Control: Opening and closing a Script [can add a blank line at the end, meaning needless SCM hassle]

Раздел: Движки и конструкторы.

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