GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1675 Master Collection

GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1675 Master CollectionРазработчик: YoYo Games
Версия: v1.4.1675 Master Collection
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется wink
GameMaker: Studio — самый популярный конструктор игр на данный момент. Структура движка построенна так, что подойдет одинаково хорошо как для новичков в разработке, так и для требовательных профессионалов. GameMaker: Studio имеет обширный и разноплановый набор инструментов для создания десктопных и мобильных мультиплатформенных игр. Выбирая GameMaker в качестве основного движка для вашей игры, вы можете быть уверенны в том, что вам будет предложен весь необходимый функционал для создания качественной игры, а благодаря удобному интуитивно-понятному интерфейсу программы разработчики игр могут разрабатывать свои творения более быстро и эффективно.
Основные возможности GameMaker: Studio:
— Кроссплатформенность. С легкостью можно создавать игры для Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Web (HTML5), Tizen.
— Удобное и структурированное рабочее пространство программы.
— Возможность создания небольших двухмерных игр за считанные часы.
— Возможность создавать крупные проекты за счет высокой гибкости движка.
— Разработанное можно интегрировать со Steam.
— К приложению можно подключать готовые шаблоны, пошагово менять пути, объекты, звуки, фоны, скрипты и делать из этого всего интересные и необычные игры.
— GameMaker классно подойдет для разработки игр и приложений на мобильных платформах.
— Модульность, дорабатываемость и расширяемость. Возможности воистину безграничны!
— Source Control Management (SVN) контроль версий, для корпоративной разработки или просто разработки в команде.
— Тесная интеграция с рекламным продвижением и возможность легко подключить аналитику.

Changes (since 1.4.1657):

Reshuffled the targets list to put YYC next to VM versions and order a bit better according to usage, plus add in the new modules (see below)
Several fixes to stop the IDE getting stuck trying to shut down
Fix for access violations and «Cannot focus a disabled window» message most often seen during a project load dialogue
NOTE: this removed hotkey support for the Targets, Configuration, and Knowledge Base fields (Alt+K/C/T)
Fix for access violations and «Cannot focus a disabled window» message most often seen when multiple IDEs open
Fix for room editor defaulting to Tiles rather than Settings in 1657
Fixed issue with SCM spawning terminals for every command — now only when using Git and for Clone, Push and Pull specifically
New Preference in the Android section to specify an IP address for ADB to connect to each run/build instead of using USB
Enums now have code completion and syntax colouring — they look the same as macros
Warning message added on saving files when your system clock has gone back in time since the last save time (time zones/daylight saving, etc.)
Very short delay added on opening an object form before you can interact with it — stops accidentally changing object on double-clicking to open
Made obsolete the functions/constants for OpenFient, PocketChange and PlayHaven
Fix for shaders saving incorrectly and one part overwriting the other
Fix for news feed not appearing when creating a new project on the Welcome screen
Fixes for importing audio and .zip files from Marketplace assets
Fix for AV on trying to close and save changes to a timeline when you’ve just deleted a moment
Renaming an object will close any currently-open event code windows so you can’t open duplicate code windows following the rename
Fix for action list becoming corrupted when cutting and pasting events into actions & vice versa
Fix for importing a resource with the same name as another already in a project will silently overwrite
Fix for line numbers reported being out by one
Fix for the cropping flag on texture groups being reversed in EA465
Several fixes for making Mac OSX builds when using Xcode 7
Fix for Linux and Mac OSX YYC Missing _YYGML.h header error
Spine skeletons can have their animations set to null in order to reset to default
Runner Extensions Clean-Out
Extensions previously built-in to the runner on Android and iOS have all been removed — you now control which ones you want re-added
Will download the extension from the Marketplace if not already local, then you can import as required
Allowed us to update them all and better maintain going forward, plus reduce game package size and build times
New GGS setting added to allow overriding loading all texture pages on game start-up
New GGS setting added to select the vertex buffer management method using by the standard drawing path («Compatible» is Studio up to now)
New GGS setting added to allow the use of manual vsyncing, which might result in more consistent performance
More accurate sleep function used on Windows to avoid juddering in-game
New GGS setting added to control the sleep margin and avoid seeing higher reported CPU usage
Fix for modifying argument values in a script occasionally causing garbage to be returned on YYC
Changed to a new sound engine which should be more reliable — fixes issue with initial part of sounds being missing
Removed accidental forced team ID C9E7J7HL3D for certificate used when building
Changed the package build toolchain to use gradle, as Google are removing the tools we used up to now
NOTE: needs the Android Support Repository installed in Android SDK Manager’s «extras», plus latest build/platform tools. We are updating our FAQs
You will now also get a Lint compiler report of any issues/suggestions the Android tools found during your build
NOTE: we are aware that some of the warnings reference runner-side issues. These will be fixed in due course
Runner builds now use your game’s own keystore and GGS details (but append «as YoYo Runner» to name so you can tell which is which), so ads/IAPs, etc., will now work
Lots more configuration added to GGS > Android so you can control min/target API, build tools version to use, etc.
Cache build information and reuse it if simply changing device or dropping a architecture and building again
Removed some compiler optimisation flags to prevent crashes on Android 5.0.1
Device sleeps more often when not busy on Android to reduce power usage
NOTE: IAP support is now controlled by the presence of the Google/Amazon extension, not GGS. Also has different function names required
NOTE: Android TV is not supported by packages made in the Android target
Removed GGS provisioning profile selector, as for quite a while Xcode has picked this for you anyway
Support for Xcode 7+ and iOS 9+ — including a change to match the new name for Simulator
Fix for crash in iOS 64 bit with some buffer calls
Fix for argument_count in YYC
Fix for some newer developer certificates not appearing in the GGS provisioning drop-down list
Submission fix for ERROR ITMS-90475: «Invalid Bundle. iPad Multitasking support requires launch story board in bundle»
Fixes for Tests not running on iOS (especially with Xcode 7) — note that you may still have occasional deploy/run issues with Tests
Added device_ios_iphone6s and device_ios_iphone6splus
Stopped multiple compilations of your project when running on iOS and removed a lot of the console output
Made Create Exe just compile the archive and then open Xcode Organizer, so you can submit/make ipa as you wish
Because of the above change, there is now no copying back the archive to the PC, so no prompt for filename with Create Exe anymore
Also added Preference to make your Xcode projects and put them on the Mac, but not build, allowing you to build/run/edit as you wish
Made Run not use the webserver, as it has its data file already, so that installs a build on your devices that you can run
Added a selection of simulators to the device/Simulator selector in File > Preferences > iOS, so now you can pick which simulator to launch
A cache clean is now always performed on the next run/build when moving between YYC/Non-YYC
Fix for audio not playing on iOS 9. You now need a mouse released event to fire before you attempt to play audio, not a mouse pressed
Fix for submitting untextured vertices with frozen vertex buffers
Fix for WebGL draw_point() and draw_rectangle() drawing at x-1,y-1
Fix for audio queue buffer ID being returned as -1 rather than the ID of the buffer
Universal Windows Platform («UWP») beta — new module!
Unlocked now for Master Collection users, so if you have Master use Help > Update License or manage your YoYo Account to get the new target
Windows 10 desktop support only at the moment (you need to be running Windows 10 and have Visual Studio 2015 also)
Misc In-Game
Fix for random number generator — if your existing game uses seeds, you will likely want to call random_use_old_version() on game start
Performance increase for all variable-handling, but especially strings
More efficient garbage collection on all platforms
Dynamic geometry path now uses a single vertex buffer for all geometry (regardless of format) rather than multiple buffers — much more performance for SWFs
If calling draw_skeleton from an instance that has a skeleton already we now just use that
Fix for vertex buffer pointer not being reset
Fix for window appearing when -headless is on since we added splash screens on Windows again
Fix for -noaudio command-line switch not working
Fix for way of getting stuck in an infinite loop while checking an mp_grid path
Fixes for persistent objects/rooms occasionally losing some of their variables
Fix for url_open() on Windows converting // to / in some browsers and when not English language OS
Fix for median() so it works as intended
Fix for crash calling skeleton_bone_state_get() on root bone
Fixed phy_joint_max_length(), phy_joint_length_1/2, phy_joint_translation() & phy_joint_anchor_x_x to scale according to PixelToMetre scale
Fix for some potential issues with Steam whitelisting with UTF8 directories with file_exists() on Mac and Ubuntu
Fix for UTF8 directory names for save areas on Ubuntu (additional to the above fix)
Added alarm_set() and alarm_get()
Added display_set_windows_vertex_buffer_method(method), where method is ‘vbm_fast’, ‘vbm_compatible’ or ‘vbm_most_compatible’ as described above
Added display_set_windows_alternate_sync(true/false)
Added display_get_windows_vertex_buffer_method()
Added display_get_windows_alternate_sync()
Added path_get_time(ind, speed) function
Added random_use_old_version() function, as mentioned above

Bugs Fixed (since 1.4.1657):

0019084 UI: Accidental adding of D&D items on double-clicking obj [when object opens over the resource tree]
0019066 Functions: «Could not locate finalization function» error on game_restart()
0019068 Android: Android Export building for not selected architectures
0018940 Objects: Renaming an object [via its properties window] makes it not exist anymore
0019055 Spine: After cleaning cache sprites of spine displayed incorrectly
0019053 Debugger: Debugger [itself] has huge memory leak
0018987 Marketplace: Published marketplace project error
0017629 Marketplace: *.zip wont upload on marketplace as «included files»
0019062 HTML5: Cannot run HTML5 — blank screen, Javascript error in a system (?) function
0019121 Openfeint constants/functions back in code complete
0019118 ugc functions have a mix or camelcase and underscore typing, plus typo with «visiblity»
0019133 Functions: Pocketchange and PlayHaven functions still appear in code-completion, yet aren’t valid as of EA460
0015750 Saving: Vertex shader sometimes gets overwritten by fragment shader
0019050 GGS: White text on white drop menus for UWP and Amazon Fire texture page size dropdowns
0019094 UI: [News feed window does not get created if you create a new project on Welcome screen]
0019064 iOS: Submission through iTunes Connect or Application Loader fails
0018947 Mac: Code-signing choosing non-existent code-signing identity
0019148 Saving: Trying to close timeline properties after deleting a moment can result in AV and unable to save changes
0019176 Windows Phone 8 (YYC): Game crashes on start-up after splash screen
0019079 Functions: Accented characters cause issues with specific functions
0019229 GGS: Can’t enable the Amazon API checkbox if the extension is inside My Library
0017041 Android: Can not run for Android [even though apk works — «sending message to a Handler on a dead thread» error]
0019230 GGS: Disabling the Orientation checkboxes doesn’t disable that orientation on Amazon Fire
0018948 GGS: Huge Memory Leak [on each open]
0018503 Windows: url_open(‘’ [^]); wrong url sent to browser, double slash becomes single slash
0018850 Functions: Reading an EOF from buffer as a string yields -3
0018696 Spine: draw_skeleton functions don’t render attachments
0018932 Spine: accessing root using skeleton_state_get_bone creats freeze or crash
0017673 Physics: physics_joint_get_value returning incorrect values for rope joint
0018457 HTML5: vertex_submit texture parameter crash
0018401 Functions: Memleak when comparing string with undefined
0018425 Particles: part_type_destroy causing [game to] crash
0018945 Win(YYC): Certain «nested» functions behave oddly
0018308 Win(YYC): Project crashes in Windows YYC doesn’t crash in Windows. Disabling steam delays the crash
0018903 iOS: string(argument_count) fails in YYC when using JSOnion
0019009 Networking: crash inside network_send_udp()
0019020 Opening new Rooms has the tiles tab open by default (should be settings tab)
0018956 Suggestion: Source Control: Allow batch files (*.bat) to be selected as the SCM executable
0019022 Windows: [show_error() on game startup will cause a runner crash when clicking Abort][crash part]
0018753 Windows: Game crashes on close when using game_end()
0019269 Android: http_request() ignores the method argument and always uses POST
0019268 Android: HTTP response headers are always missing on Android with http_request()
0016795 Debugger: new debugger crashes
0019340 Events: Renaming an object allows you to open more than one instance of the same event
0019374 Extensions: Importing a resource with the same name as another in a project causes unwanted overwriting
0019517 GGS — Windows Phone ID_CAP_MICROPHONE switches itself back on

Раздел: Движки и конструкторы.

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