GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1711 Master Collection

GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1711 Master CollectionРазработчик: YoYo Games
Версия: v1.4.1711 Master Collection
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется wink
GameMaker: Studio — самый популярный конструктор игр на данный момент. Структура движка построенна так, что подойдет одинаково хорошо как для новичков в разработке, так и для требовательных профессионалов. GameMaker: Studio имеет обширный и разноплановый набор инструментов для создания десктопных и мобильных мультиплатформенных игр. Выбирая GameMaker в качестве основного движка для вашей игры, вы можете быть уверенны в том, что вам будет предложен весь необходимый функционал для создания качественной игры, а благодаря удобному интуитивно-понятному интерфейсу программы разработчики игр могут разрабатывать свои творения более быстро и эффективно.
Основные возможности GameMaker: Studio:
— Кроссплатформенность. С легкостью можно создавать игры для Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Web (HTML5), Tizen.
— Удобное и структурированное рабочее пространство программы.
— Возможность создания небольших двухмерных игр за считанные часы.
— Возможность создавать крупные проекты за счет высокой гибкости движка.
— Разработанное можно интегрировать со Steam.
— К приложению можно подключать готовые шаблоны, пошагово менять пути, объекты, звуки, фоны, скрипты и делать из этого всего интересные и необычные игры.
— GameMaker классно подойдет для разработки игр и приложений на мобильных платформах.
— Модульность, дорабатываемость и расширяемость. Возможности воистину безграничны!
— Source Control Management (SVN) контроль версий, для корпоративной разработки или просто разработки в команде.
— Тесная интеграция с рекламным продвижением и возможность легко подключить аналитику.

Changes (Since 1.4.1690):

  • IDE

    • Fixed IDE not wanting to close down because clean-up thread not finished yet
    • Fixed script window handles remaining in memory and causing other issues when you’ve closed the script via the green tick
    • Note: This should also stop issues with code files overwriting each other
    • Note: It also stops the IDE lag seen in the last couple of beta releases
    • Fixed a method of getting access violations when closing multiple windows too rapidly
    • Fixed multiple issues with renaming resources causing saving issues (missing in-game, parent info lost)
    • Fixed asset loses parenting if the parent is not already above it in the resource tree when both are imported
    • Fixed moving a tabbed script whilst renaming it will rename the wrong tab
    • Fixed creating «duplicate» events by cancelling a Change Event confirmation dialogue
    • Fixed gml extension scripts being truncated to just the one tab when you change a tab’s contents
    • Fixed issues with reordering configs in Config Manager causing the configs to become corrupted
    • Note: We also removed the Cancel button and «save your changes» prompt on close, as changes have always been written immediately
    • Fixed «Use for 3D» checkbox marking a sprite as changed each time you viewed its properties
    • Fixed issues with several git source control commands not working as expected
    • Fixed GGS texture preview button failing if your temp folder path has a space in it
    • Fixed free Android testing not working for some Pro license holders
    • Changed Win8/WP8/PS4/Xbox One YYC platforms to use the Visual Studio path you provide in Preferences > Windows
    • Note: Means you can more easily control which version of VS is used — WP8 needs VS2012, for example
  • Debugger

    • Fixed some crash issues with watches and breakpoints (see bugs fixed below)
  • Compiler

    • Fixed asset compiler crash when image+border > texture page size. You’ll get a compiler warning instead.
    • Fixed is_bool() not being found
    • Fixed some YYC-specific issues (see bugs fixed below)
    • Removed os_amazon, as notified in the release notes for 1690
  • Mac OS X

    • Fixed game crash occasionally seen on El Capitan OS X installs when quitting/restarting the game
    • Fixed game crash on startup if the user has selected OS X option to autohide menubar
    • Added codesigning support to NON Mac AppStore builds (AppStore ones are signed by Xcode when submitting) to fix «damaged» message
    • Added a new GGS field for supplying the certificate to sign with
  • Android

    • Fixed build.gradle expecting a version of the Support Library which matched Build Tools’s version number
    • Note: If you use our Facebook extension, please see 0020039
    • Fixed multiple issues for wifi Settings button so that if connections need to be edited, this is applied safely and correctly
    • Fixed Android depth buffer not being set correctly in 3D apps
    • Fixed GGS OUYA packaging options being hidden by other UI elements
    • Fixed Google IAPs and other licensing issues because the key wasn’t written out unless project uses Google Play Services ext
    • Fixed crash when using get_login_async()
    • Added the PC’s IP address and Web Server port into the build manifest so wifi runner connections know where to connect to
    • Added a GGS field for supplying the version of the Support Library you want to use
    • Changed GGS default for new projects to «23.0.2» for Build Tools and «23.1.1» for Support Library
  • Steamworks

    • Store games crashing in current Steam beta is due to games not using the 1.33a SDK version we advised to use
    • If you know this applies to you, please update your game(s) asap!
    • Changed to v1.35a so we match Steam’s changes in their beta client branch
    • Note: You will need to install this version also
    • Also changed the initialisation of functions to a more flexible system which better supports using the wrong SDK version
    • Fixed crash of game when being shut down by Steam in order to restart from steam client
    • Fixed F_SteamUGC_GetSubscribedItems giving the wrong return value
  • Misc In-game

    • Fixed string concatenation issue in 1690 requiring string() to be wrapped around some string variables
    • Fixed issues comparing «variable == undefined» on YYC platforms
    • Fixed issues with variables becoming undefined if overwriting itself on YYC platforms
    • Fixed multiple issues with a few networking initialisation functions — see bug list below
    • Fixed crashes when adding an int64 into a DS map, e.g. calling when steam_ugc_create_item()
    • Fixed memory leak calling ini_close()
    • Fixed file_delete() so it works with non-English characters in the project folder name
    • Fixed HTML5 audio file loading delays on iOS when using custom loading bar
    • Note: Custom bars now run the same setup code as built-in, so if you have issues with custom bars, send a sample
    • Changed so persistent objects’ alarms will still fire if a room change has been triggered by a different object in that step
    • Changed pixel shaders which fail to compile will no longer show code errors on startup — use shader_is_compiled()!
    • Changed YYC code error messages when invalid operator comparison is found so now prints values of the compared variables

Bugs Fixed (since 1.4.1690):

  • 0019890 Windows 8 JS: Using either «game_display_name» or «game_project_name» constants will crash your game
  • 0019907 Functions: get_integer_async() does not return an id, instead «undefined»
  • 0019919 Saving: Sprite editor closing problems (Used for 3D)
  • 0019930 Networking: http_post_string introduces random characters to data at 131kb
  • 0019058 Variables: Variable differs in value depending on how you access it [on YYC platforms]
  • 0018941 Windows (YYC): Bit shift bug
  • 0018489 Android: Polygons missing in [3D] model
  • 0018923 Networking: network_connect’s async_load map is missing «id», has «socket» instead
  • 0019914 UI: Getting «Cannot have more than 64 windows open» error when [a much smaller number of] windows open
  • 0019960 UI: Interface lags terribly since latest update
  • 0019991 Saving: Scripts not correctly closing
  • 0018923 Networking: network_connect’s async_load map is missing «id», has «socket» instead
  • 0018681 Networking: network_create_socket_ext() always returns successful
  • 0018938 Networking: network_connect_raw() always returns 0
  • 0019210 Networking: network_connect_raw returns >0 when it cannot resolve the address
  • 0019967 General: Access violation when close created resources en mass
  • 0019936 Events: Breaking out of alarm event loses other simultaneously set alarms…?
  • 0019861 Shaders: Machine with old gpu is [giving runner code error about shader not compiling, when this should be ignored]
  • 0019935 Saving: Changing the order of configs makes them all rewrite their paths based on old list order
  • 0018393 Image Editor: Trim control opens window for «cropping». Window title should be changed
  • 0019989 Variables: Extra string() now required around some strings, otherwise string can’t be appended-to
  • 0019979 Windows YYC: undefined is not equal to undefined
  • 0020012 Source Control: Built-in git.scmconfig.xml contains numerous errors
  • 0019988 Functions: Memory Leak [when reading in from a text file in a Draw event]
  • 0020039 Android: Projects can’t build if Build Tools and Support Library are different version numbers
  • 0018262 GGS: Texture Pages Preview does nothing [if there is a whitespace in windows username]
  • 0019862 Amazon Fire: App crashes when selecting settings button for runner web server connection
  • 0019958 Saving: Changing an event and cancelling the dialogue creates another event without changing the original
  • 0019929 Saving: Renamed assets do not get updated in project properly
  • 0020010 Saving: Renaming a parent results in child not inheriting from the parent
  • 0019970 Saving: Asset loses parenting if the parent is not [above it] in the resource tree [when both are imported]
  • 0019959 Saving: Moving a tabbed script whilst renaming it will rename the position of the script rather than the actual script
  • 0018216 Extensions: Right-click => Open in Editor truncates GML files to only the first defined function
  • 0019923 HTML5: Excluded resource causing black screen on compiles
  • 0020051 Functions: ds_list_sort has changed the sort outcome
  • 0020052 Variables: Comparing a variable that is a number to a string will crash the runner
  • 0020020 Debugger: Gamemaker Debug Crashes when Paused, or Realtime Update enabled
  • 0020058 Debugger: Runner crashes when your project has a breakpoint in it
  • 0019921 Android: get_login_async() stops the app
  • 0019702 General: IDE refuses to shutdown when the close button is clicked
  • 0020071 Functions: file_delete() stops working within a larger project
  • 0020019 Variables: Windows YYC Builds «Forgets» Variables
  • 0019621 Functions: nonarray[@index] [reads/writes using accessors] do not throw errors
  • 0019842 Android: [Free] testing (when not owning the Android module) seems broken
  • 0020090 Steam: Steam beta client causes all games to crash on startup
  • 0018182 Steam: [Checking for bought DLC] doesn’t work for Linux [using Steamworks v1.33b]
  • 0020112 Saving: Creating a new sprite via object form doesn’t save sprite details to the object’s gmx

Раздел: Движки и конструкторы.

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