GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1760

GameMaker: Studio v1.4.1760Разработчик: YoYo Games
Версия: v1.4.1760 Master Collection
ОСь: от Windows XP и выше
Русский язык: Только английский
Лекарство/Таблетка/Кряк: Не требуется
30 августа, спустя аж более четырех месяцев, увидел свет билд под номером 1.4.1760 пришедший к нам сквозь 2 билда ЕА493 и EA505.
Такой заторможенный темп обновлений связан с активной разработкой GameMaker Studio 2.

В 1.4.1760 довольно обширный список изменений. Из крупных и интересных:
*убрано ограничение на количество аргументов (было не более 16);
*оптимизировано потребление ресурсов в разрабатываемых играх, а так же увеличена скорость компиляции.
Узнать подробней об обновлении и скачать его вы можете ниже.

Что такое GameMaker: Studio? »

GameMaker: Studio — самый популярный конструктор игр на данный момент. Структура движка построена так, что подойдет одинаково хорошо как для новичков в разработке, так и для требовательных профессионалов. GameMaker: Studio имеет обширный и разноплановый набор инструментов для создания десктопных и мобильных мультиплатформенных игр. Выбирая GameMaker в качестве основного движка для вашей игры, вы можете быть уверенны в том, что вам будет предложен весь необходимый функционал для создания качественной игры, а благодаря удобному интуитивно-понятному интерфейсу программы разработчики игр могут разрабатывать свои творения более быстро и эффективно.
Основные возможности GameMaker: Studio:
— Кроссплатформенность. С легкостью можно создавать игры для Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Mac OS, Web (HTML5), Tizen.
— Удобное и структурированное рабочее пространство программы.
— Возможность создания небольших двухмерных игр за считанные часы.
— Возможность создавать крупные проекты за счет высокой гибкости движка.
— Разработанное можно интегрировать со Steam.
— К приложению можно подключать готовые шаблоны, пошагово менять пути, объекты, звуки, фоны, скрипты и делать из этого всего интересные и необычные игры.
— GameMaker классно подойдет для разработки игр и приложений на мобильных платформах.
— Модульность, дорабатываемость и расширяемость. Возможности воистину безграничны!
— Source Control Management (SVN) контроль версий, для корпоративной разработки или просто разработки в команде.
— Тесная интеграция с рекламным продвижением и возможность легко подключить аналитику.

Patch Note BETA (относительно 1.4.1757) »

Changes since 1757

  • IDE
    • Fixed image editor AVs when reopening sprites
    • Fixed image editor crash when frames have been removed on disk, but a sprite still refers to them
    • Fixed being unable to add texture groups because the IDE has wrongly counted the number of existing groups
    • Fixed saving issue when running/building games with unsaved resource name changes
    • NOTE: If you close the project in this situation it will now trigger a full project save, just to be safe
    • Fixed deferred resource tree thumbnail generation so it starts generating thumbnails again
    • Fixed SCM-enabled projects so they do not load much more slowly than non-SCM projects
    • Fixed the application oven to return new-style certificates on the Mac to GGS > iOS > Provisioning
    • Fixed Mercurial authentication issues when a default user has not been setup correctly
    • Fixed GGS internal name for MMedia ads extension being incorrect and stopping import
    • Fixed issue where shutting the IDE whilst tree thumbnails were still being made could cause AVs
    • Changed the IDE to defer the creation of resource tree icons until after a project is loaded — speeds up project loads
    • NOTE: this might result in tree resources missing their icons for a moment after the project is loaded
    • Changed the naming convention when duplicating scripts so we avoid a potential naming conflict route
    • Added working default Mercurial SCM config
    • Added more Visual Studio path fields to Preferences so you can fully control which VS builds which target
    • Added GGS entries for disabling Lint analysis during Android builds
    • Added a new Preference for the Java heap size used for Android builds with many/large extensions
    • NOTE: If you’re using a lot of extensions and so require the larger heap size you will need to use 64bit JDK
    • Added new extension properties for injecting into Android manifest at different points, required by some extensions
    • Added new extension properties for injecting into iOS plist at different points, required by some extensions
    • Removed GGS entries for iAds extension, as Apple no longer support
  • Compiler
    • Changed to fully remove the 16 arguments per function limitation
    • Added several optimisations to help projects build more quickly
  • Debugger
    • Fixed an issue with local variables not being presented properly
    • Fixed Boolean values to now show «true» or «false» rather than just being blank
    • Added Watch window allows entering local variables
  • Windows
    • Fixed old(er) Steam Workshop games crashing on startup in EA475’s Steam Player
    • Fixed Alt+F4 to allow quickly exiting games again (although this won’t apply when playing games in the GameMaker: Player)
    • Fixed «self» keyword when using YYC so it now behaves the same as non-YYC and/or using «-1»
    • Fixed cancelling file dialogues giving corrupted strings when using YYC
    • Added support for DirectInput devices, allows a wider range of devices
    • Added support for checking up to 8 more in-game devices (Xinput is still 0-3, DirectInput is now 4-11)
  • UWP
    • Fixed games crashing on startup in EA493
  • Mac OSX
    • Fixed Steam support in YYC packages
    • Fixed splash screens to now render at their correct resolution
    • Fixed toggling fullscreen to be a much smoother and better-looking transition
    • Fixed issues running games on OSX 10.9
    • Fixed clearing Steam library out of the build folder to stop Steam leaking into future builds
    • Changed to not sign packages when not building for the AppStore by allowing a blank signing identity
    • Added GGS checkbox for enabling Retina support in-game — off by default
  • HTML5
    • Fixed looping sounds not resuming after switching tabs
    • Fixed d3d_set_perspective(false) to set view as orthographic
    • Fixed d3d_set_perspective() to set the correct values
    • Changed sprite_add() to work like Windows and add a sprite if second parameter is 0
    • Added cross-origin support for images to allow loading sprites in from other sites
  • iOS
    • Fixed Facebook SDK not getting unzipped when your project name had spaces in it and causing a build error
    • Fixed extension linker flags not being passed on to the Xcode project
    • Fixed launchscreen xib name preventing AppStore submission when deploy target is «8.0»
    • Fixed IPv6 internet connection check to comply with Apple’s submission guidelines
    • Added 4096×4096 as an available texture page size in GGS
  • Android
    • Fixed a lot of the Lint analysis warnings specific to the runner, so less compiler window spam
    • Fixed Google submission/security issue by upgrading libPNG to v1.4.19
    • Fixed checking targets mask when adding extension contants so we don’t always add everything
    • Fixed building-in multiple extensions when making YYC packages
    • Fixed Lint and the compiler to not always require Bluetooth pads to be enabled
    • Changed to use Gradle v2.1.0 and Multidex v1.0.1 — see the Java heap size change above if you have issues
    • Changed build system to make temporary drive mount using Preference for temp folder — reduces 256 character path limit issues
    • Changed GGS > Android to accept letters or numbers for Build Tools version identifiers
    • Added Android N support
    • Added support for NDK 12 and 12b
    • Added display_set_ui_visibility() to control «immersive mode» system UI
    • Added support for using .aar files in extensions
  • HTML5
    • Fixed flash of black screen when loading — more noticable when using custom loading bar
    • Fixed audio_create_stream() so it no longer crashes games
  • Misc In-Game
    • Fixed random_get_seed() and random_set_seed() precision to be consistent
    • Fixed audio gain could be set to less than 0
    • Fixed ogg sync group mixing clipping the end off sounds when gain set to 0
    • Fixed/Changed lots of functions to give better memory management — more have been made into YYC versions also
    • Fixed problems with DS readwrite functions handling bools, pointers, in64s, etc., that we’ve added recently
    • NOTE: the format of string returned by ds_map_write() has changed, but ds_map_read() will read an old-style formatted string
    • Fixed writing of U32 variables to a buffer
    • Fixed «fast collision» issues where items could end up in the tree twice and cause issues
    • Fixed various issues with strings in 1757
    • Fixed using pre-decrement «(—variable)» on a variable which hasn’t been declared causing the game to crash
    • Fixed arguments being freed before being used when passing the result of a function as an argument in YYC builds
    • Fixed fast collision position_meeting() not doing precise collision checks and returning false-positive collisions
    • Fixed more ways to get incorrect results in fast collision calculations, plus lots of various optimisations
    • Fixed fast collision calculation checks against a specific instance to only check that one instance
    • Fixed/Changed/Added YYC operators for int64
    • NOTE: this resulted in lots of changes to how YYC handles variables, so test well
    • Fixed DX11 render path (Xbox One, WP8, Win 8 N) where data could overrun the internal buffer if you used custom vertex formats
    • Fixed a memory leak when doing draw_getpixel(0,0)
    • Fixed first and last animation frame in a Spine sprite becoming confused when playing backwards
    • Fixed issues with opening files sometimes failing when the filepath contains non-Latin characters
    • Fixed base64 decode not working correctly
    • Fixed YYC error compiling pre-increment switch statements «switch(++myvar)»
    • Fixed various issues with ds_map_secure_load() and ds_map_secure_load_buffer() to stop memory leaks/overwrites
    • Fixed issues with shader compilation on DX11 platforms
    • Fixed a crash when you have many ogg sync groups and lots of files, also fixed a group to not play twice
    • Changed math_set_epsilon(0) to actually set to (0.00000000001) so we maintain 64bit precision
    • Changed return value of external_define() to -1 if the function cannot be found in the dll
    • Changed rendering without any texture to use solid white, ensures shaders use white rather than platform-specific settings to choose base colour
    • Changed DX11 3D model handling to increase performance by using static vertex buffers rather than the dynamic geometry path
    • NOTE: Changed iOS so if an extension implements onOpenUrl you will now need to add «annotationsadid)annotation» as a new argument
    • Added steam_upload_score_ext() and steam_upload_score_buffer_ext() for setting the always-update flag for leaderboards
    • Added texture_get_uvs(), which returns an array of UV-related values for a texture page entry
    • Added sanity check that there is an emitter for a particle system to use, now logs an error rather than crashing the game
    • Added ds_map_secure_load_buffer() to allow loading secure data structures when you don’t have direct download access to a remote file

Bugs fixed since 1757

  • 0019005 Scripts: Adding an existing script issue
  • 0019065 Mac: Mac app Splash Screen is low-resolution on compile, doesn’t show on runs
  • 0020026 Functions: is_undefined() does not work on HTML5
  • 0020045 Extensions: [«fatal error: ‘FacebookSDK/FacebookSDK.h’ file not found» blocks iOS builds]
  • 0020046 Add a function to copy Steam cloud files to local storage
  • 0020096 Function: parameter_ functions report a duplicate set of command-line arguments
  • 0020549 Image Editor: Consecutive uses of ‘Open’ in image editor gives access violation at address 00404F9F
  • 0020026 Functions: is_undefined() does not work on HTML5
  • 0019005 Scripts: Adding an existing script issue
  • 0009558 3D: Scaling models/primitives also scales their normals
  • 0011656 Windows (YYC): ‘self’ not working in quite identical fashion to windows platform
  • 0015583 Win(YYC): YYC glitch — passing other/self into functions
  • 0018073 HTML5: If looping sound resumes from paused state, it does not loop anymore if not marked as Compressed — Streamed
  • 0018708 Functions: draw_getpixel(0,0) = instant memory leak
  • 0018963 HTML5: Using !true as array index does not address position 0
  • 0019083 Functions: Cancelling file dialogs gives corrupted string when using Windows (YYC)
  • 0019556 Windows (YYC): Using self as a script argument causes code to fail
  • 0019908 Shaders: problem with vertex_format_add_custom
  • 0020214 Source Control: SCM-enabled projects load extremely slowly compared to their non-SCM-enabled equivalents
  • 0020321 HTML5: switching tabs in Chrome stops audio looping
  • 0020554 Spine: Loading a Spine sprite from an included file doesn’t free itself from memory afterwards
  • 0020571 Issues with strings in 1747
  • 0020780 d3d_set_perspective(false) fails to set view as orthographic for HTML5
  • 0020812 Equivalent expressions return different variable types
  • 0021297 HTML5: sprite_add() does not support cross origin
  • 0021357 YYC: No operators appear to be implemented for int64
  • 0021695 If you decrement a variable using — that hasn’t been delclared, the runner crashes
  • 0021771 md5_file() crashes on some computers
  • 0021978 Android: Using multiple extensions can cause CPU and RAM usage to become too high for Java, causing gradle to abort builds
  • 0022011 Windows (YYC): `repeat (1) continue;` is an infinite loop
  • 0022288 Android: «Duplicate constant» on build even though there are no files with constant included
  • 0022303 HTML5: Lack of Flurry analytics exception handling causes lag/hang
  • 0022525 Saving: Possible to corrupt resources by running project whilst unsaved name changes
  • 0022697 HTML5: Chrome draw_text performance issue (desktop only)
  • 0020458 Functions: Facebook Feed dialog crashes in iOS
  • 0020752 Functions: DLLs cannot be loaded when the game path contains non-latin characters
  • 0021920 Compiler: unchecking bluetooth gamepads disallows Android YYC building
  • 0022493 Scripts: Creating a duplicate script gives incorrect naming
  • 0022504 Extensions: Google Analytics Extension causes Android builds to fail
  • 0023076 Extensions: AndroidManifest.xml wrong injection
  • 0023167 Android: dex options setting to javaMaxHeapSize «4g» stops compile for android on 32 bit systems

Для скачивания потребуется просмотреть рекламу в течении 5 секунд
Имя скачиваемого файла: GMStudio-Installer-1.4.1760.exe
Раздел: Движки и конструкторы.

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  1. hello this version of file is correct is ver. 14.1760 or is a fake is ver,1.2?????

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